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Parts of a Tap or Faucet

In the below image you can see the various parts of a tap or faucet in an exploded view. The tap shown is our Dromore Basin Mixer Tap with a brushed nickel finish:

Exploded View of a Basin Tap

  1. Handle – Controls the hot and cold temperature and flow (single handle tap) by manipulating the cartridge.
  2. Button Hole Cover/Indices/Grub Screw – This is a cover for the grub screw which loosens/tightens the handle to the cartridge. It also acts as an indicator for the hot and cold sides of the tap.
  3. Decorative Shroud – This covers the retaining nut that holds the cartridge in place.
  4. Cartridge Retaining Nut – Holds the cartridge in place in the Tap Body.
  5. Ceramic Disc Cartridge – This valve controls both the temperature by mixing the hot and cold inputs and also the flow. When the handle is moved, it moves two ceramic discs relative to each other in this cartridge. This is the main element of the tap. See here for more details.
  6. Tap Body – This is the main body/housing of the tap. Often they are brass or steel with a plating such as chrome or brushed nickel. This is where the cartridge mixing chamber is, where the inputs are connected and also where the spout and nozzle are.
  7. Seal, Aerator and Nozzle – This is where the mixed water exits the tap. It goes through an aerator, which is housed in a nozzle and screwed into the tap body. The nozzle is made water tight using a seal. Aerators are used to give different flow effects or characteristics (champagne effect or flow straightener for example) or restrict the flow.
  8. O-ring – The O-ring seals the tap to the basin so no water can leak through the basin hole.
  9. Threaded Bar – This is screwed into the tap body and used to mount the tap to the basin.
  10. Threaded Nut and Washers – The nut clamps the tap to the basin by threading onto the threaded bar. The washers protect the basin and ensure the load is spread evenly.
  11. Flexible Hoses – The hoses connect the tap body to the water supply. You can see more about them here. Alternatively copper hoses can be used.

We hope this helps you understand the various elements of a tap! Please see our range at

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