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Types of Bathroom Taps

There are a number of different types of Bathroom Taps available on the market. All kinds of styles and designs to meet your needs. These are listed below for your convenience:

1. Mixer Taps

Mixer Taps (aka mono or monobloc taps) are increasingly popular. They generally are mounted on a basin with one hole and take a feed from both the hot and cold taps. The water is then mixed in a valve (usually a ceramic disc valve) and then it flows from the spout. This means the water temperature can be controlled. They are replacing the “Pillar Tap” below rapidly for this and other reasons.

2. Pillar Taps

Pillar Taps are common in Ireland but are rapidly being replaced by Mixer Taps. They are typically mounted on basins/baths with two mounting holes, one for the hot and cold feed. One tap for the hot and the cold and typically they use rubber stop valves. At we concentrate on the Mixer Tap as it is a superior solution that allows water temperature control and because ceramic discs are more reliable.

3. Deck Mounted Bath Filler Tap

These taps are typically mounted on a bath with pre drilled holes for the hot and cold feeds. The water is mixed to the desired temperature and then directed out of the spout. They have larger flow rates then basin taps to fill the bath quickly.

4. Bath Shower Mixer Taps

These are very similar to the above Bath Filler, the only difference is they have an extra hose and head attached which can be used for showering. This means the tap achieves two functions, bath filling and showering. The water is usually switched from the spout to the hose using a diverter on the spout. Very convenient if you want to add a shower to your bath without much inconvenience.

5. Wall Mounted Taps

Wall Mounted Taps are mounted in the wall abobe a bath or basin. They usually have a single handle and a spout with a cover plate. They are a bit more difficult to maintain as everything is in the wall and the plate needs to be removed to access.

6. Floor Mounted Taps

Floor taps are mounted directly to a floor rather than the bath itself. They have a long body to span the gap. They have a stylish contemporary look but take some of planning to get the plumbing to the correct spot in the floor.

The above are the main type of taps you can get for your Bathroom. Please visit The Tapshop to get yours!

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